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Prevention, Cure, and Recovery – Company Money Worries & The Business Clinic has teamed up. Our collective objective is to help, guide, and support businesses and directors back to strength.

The turbulent times ahead has highlight the need for support and guidance, irrespective of your industry and business experience.

Prevention is always better than cure. 

There are many ways to prevent damaging business losses, including increasing sales, reducing overheads, and improving margins. For many businesses, these options may not be possible or have already been tried and tested.

Reducing rents, bills and staff wages seems to be a trend in an attempt to cut costs; but to what determent?

We are helping and supporting many businesses that have already made significant cutbacks; however, the cutbacks are just not enough to remain sustainable due to the current climate. 

It is excellent for those businesses that can trade through these turbulent times; but for many, it will result in a company restructure.

Company Money Worries & The Business Clinic team up

Company Money Worries is here for those businesses that need guidance and support to rebuild their businesses. 

Struggling businesses will inevitably have dramatic impacts on the personal lives of directors and staff; that is why we believe Company & Consumer Money Worries is collectively the best team to help, guide and support those in need.

Get the cure right, and the business may stand a chance of recovery! Put the wrong cure in place, and the company may only postpone future problems or even create more problems.

It is at such times that a company may well turn to a licensed insolvency practitioner for advice. There are many well-principled IPs out there; however it is difficult for a business owner under pressure to chose the right one.

With the right advice and guidance from Company Money Worries, trading through the issue or finding a rescue route can be far less stressful than coping alone.

The directors’ and staff’s wellbeing is at the heart of both Company & Consumer Money Worries. Joining alliances allows us to work together as a team to ensure the right advice and support is given at all times. 

To learn more about Consumer Money Worries and how you, the director and your staff can receive help, guidance and support; please visit

The team here at Company Money Worries comprises of experienced individuals in specific industries, such as Franchising, Leisure & Tourism, Hospitality, Finance, Property, and many more. 

Receiving guidance and support from someone that has operated in your field will provide you with additional industry support and give you the confidence in dealing with the challenges ahead. 

Welcome to world of franchising

My name is David Nelson; my primary industry experience is within the franchising sector.

Franchising, by its nature, is the interdependent relationship between a franchisor and franchisee; in good times, this interdependence is a powerful and proven business structure with both parties benefitting from the benefits of this relationship. 

However, in bad times, this interdependence can become a weakness with each party’s financial issues affecting the other.

Franchisees may struggle and not, therefore, be able to pay management service charges, or due to fees being in some cases a percentage of turnover, by paying significantly reduced royalty, the franchisor will also be affected financially.

Therefore, at a time when a franchisee may need the most support may be the very time when the franchisor finds themselves financially least able to provide it, not a great recipe for success. 

Ultimately, if franchisees close, the franchisors’ future is also under threat. and if a franchisor becomes unstable, the whole franchise network is under threat. In such a situation, an allegiance to a rescue mission for the entirety of the franchisor is essential. Protecting the goodwill/intellectual property is essential.

Dealing with money worries alone can and will have professional and personal affects; we are here to take away that burden.

“Company Money Worries is passionate about being that light at the end of a dark tunnel”

David Nelson – Associate & Director of The Business Clinic

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