Company Money Worries welcomes you

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and would like to welcome you along for the ride. The easiest ride you’ll ever have.

Company Money Worries presents to you the new and easy way of dealing with your company money worries whilst keeping your sights on your future successes.

Our look, image and content may have changed; we may have made information more accessible and easier to understand however we have not changed!

Our divine focus on helping, guiding and supporting our directors remains unchanged.

Company Money Worries remains committed to you, the director(s)!

Our passion to support both the business and director(s) back to strength remains our mission however we recognise now more than ever, teaming up with our sister company ‘Consumer Money Worries’ is important.

Company Money Worries is on hand to support the business with resolving its money worries and with the help and support of Consumer Money Worries, we are here to ensure the risk to the director(s) are limited.

Both Company & Consumer Money Worries share a collective ambition of helping people, it’s that simple.

Joining alliances will strengthen our services, enabling us as, a team, to not only support the business with its Money Worries, it will also enable the business to support its staff in the event of redundancies.

Consumer Money Worries is Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is therefore best placed to help, guide and support all staff members with money worries. 

For information on how you, the director can support your staff with money worries, please click here.

So again, we welcome you to join us on this exciting journey of coming together to share information, knowledge and support.

“Company & Consumer Money worries is passionate about providing directors through company and personal financial hardship” 

Natasha Parrott – founder

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