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Debt Arrangement Scheme

The Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) is a great solution, providing time to pay and keeps the creditors from taking enforcement action.

The objective is to have a fair and reasonable plan for all parties; providing this is the case; the creditors cannot stop it from being put in place. 

The great thing is that under the debt payment programme (DPP), all debts can be included regardless, or court action is taken.

Sole trader and partnership business debts can also be included, why? Because these debts are personal/consumer debts.

A DAS enables you to repay 100% of your debt; however, it legally protects you from your creditors. A DAS freezes all interest and charges, allowing you to repay the debt quicker and getting back in control of your finances.

Who can do a DAS?

  • If you live in Scotland
  • You have more than one debt
  • You can make an affordable and sustainable repayment to your creditors

Who can’t to a DAS?

Not everyone meets the criteria for a DAS. You cannot apply for a DAS if:

  • You are bankrupt or are in an accepted Trust Deed
  • You are under the restrictions of a bankruptcy restriction order or undertaking
  • You are paying your debts back under a conjoined arrestment order
  • You are not in a position to maintain an affordable monthly payment as well as maintain living expenses

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