Is there enough money in the pot?

COVID-19 isn’t going away for the foreseeable future. The government has made it very clear that there will be no more help if further enforced shutdowns happen.

No grants, no loans, and no Furlough!

Considering lockdown being relaxed slightly, you need to be looking at your bank balances as they should be looking better than they have for a while. Let’s not forget all those suppliers who are on accounts and are going to be billing you at the end of September.

With everything returning to the ‘new normal’ comes outstanding bills and the likes of the VAT returns becoming payable again, we need to take stock of our sustainability. 

If you are struggling with company or personal debt, now is the time to contact Company Money Worries. 

We offer free advice; we don’t lend money. We are here to listen to your problems and then help you make the correct decisions moving you and your businesses forward.  

When you have more debt than you have money in the bank, now is the time to contact us. You may not know many options; it is our mission to ensure you fully understand all of your options, ensuring your future success is at the heart of everything we do.

One option that you may wish to assess is a voluntary liquidation for your limited company, essential pressing the reset button, and writing off your business debt. Achieving a voluntary liquidation will be easier for you to accomplish if you have some money in the business bank account to start with.  

Either way, if you have financial problems personally or with your business, then contact Company Money Worries now for a journey of free advice, support, and guidance.

“I believe in helping and supporting all businesses and directors back to strength, especially in the leisure & tourism industry as this is where I have spent most of my working life”


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