Restart your business!

Debt up to your eyeballs? But you know you have a profitable business; now is the time to act and restart your business!

The vaccine rollout has begun; light is at the end of this very long tunnel. However, can your business get through these next few months, and at what cost?

With many successful businesses being brought to their knees, COVID-19 is testing the nation, especially business owners.

Life long commitments and hours of hard work, but the bills are getting bigger. The red letters turn to debt collection letters, and the sleepless nights are getting longer. 

Now is the time to talk to Company Money Worries and restart your business.

It’s free advice from experts in all types of business arenas. 

Limited Company or Self Employed Company Money Worries has the knowledge to help you deal with your debts.

Hospitality, in particular, is being hit hard at the moment, and the vibe is this will carry on until at least Easter. The good news is, with a bit of money in the bank, your options to restart are more comfortable.  

Although Christmas will be much quieter this year, now is the time to pick up the phone and make a confidential, independent, free call to find out how we can help you.

Restart your business!

Restarting your business has never been more appealing, especially with your newfound support network.

Company Money Worries is incredibly proud to announce a forward-thinking collaboration with the amazing ‘The Business Clinic (CIC).’

The Business Clinic (CIC) is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to helping, guiding, and supporting businesses toward success.

With its incredible consulting services and its ‘peer-to-peer’ workshops, there is nothing that, as a collective, we cannot help you and your business overcome.

Now is the time to restart your business and get your operations, services, products, and finances in check, ready for the nation’s vaccine rollout.

Creating a Safe Space

Both Company Money Worries and The Business Clinic believe in creating a Safe Space for directors to come to for consultation.

Speaking from experience, it can be lonely at the top, especially if you are a sole director.

A safe space has been created to enable directors to come along (virtual or in-person) and use our team as a soundboard, where ideas and best practices can be shared.

It’s a place where directors can be honest about the stresses and strains of managing tight cash flows; a space where opportunities present themselves and ideas come to life.

Ideas into reality

Whether you need a listening ear or someone to bounce ideas off, whether you need guidance due to company money worries or thoughts and support with marketing your product, our safe space can help you.

Restart your business today!

If your business, like most, has hit a financial bump in the road and you feel there is nowhere to turn, I am here to tell you there is.

Company Money Worries are on hand to guide you step by step, resolving your company money worries and or restructuring your business, supporting you with your future business success.

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To learn more about the amazing work that ‘The Business Clinic’ does click here

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