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Lisa Tabor

HMRC & Business Arrears Specialist, Mediation services

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HMRC are never the easiest people to deal with and owing them taxes can be a stressful and worrying time. As can owing any of your creditors, especially when you feel like your business is spiralling out of control.

I have specialised for over 25 years in the field of tax arrears and what HMRC refer to as ‘Time to pay plans’, which are basically payment plans. However, understanding HMRCs processes, departments and practices is key to getting results.

My background was financial solutions and Debt Management, and whilst following this career path I came to realise how little our tax system helped or supported business owners, and individuals, in debt to HMRC.

HMRC themselves did not even offer payment plan options as a first option to tax-payers on the phones, let alone publish anything informative on this topic.

COVID has caused HMRC to review their internal practices but getting the results our clients need, is what we’re here for. The team here, have made it their mission to share our wealth of knowledge in this area, and we see it as our role to help support businesses and individuals, to enable them to trade through difficult times.

All our knowledge is borne from the years of experience we have within this field, working our ways through HMRCs own manuals and a variety of other sources, to establish our own policies and procedures.

Forming Tax Debts Help and Advice, with my partner, enabled us to expend our team of experts and allowed us the ability to focus on helping those who have outstanding arrears with HMRC.

We are all dedicated to securing affordable, sustainable payment plans with HMRC on behalf of our clients, and our success rates far outweigh other organisations.

By virtue of this, we can also assist with Limited companies’ arrears, and we offer a variety of mediation services.

The backbone of Tax Debts Help and Advice is truth, trust, and honesty. No matter what our clients’ queries may be, our team will always strive to deliver the results our clients need.

Working in conjunction with accountants, HMRC and various other professional bodies for over 25 years now, we pride ourselves on not only our ability to assist taxpayers who are in difficulties, but on the relationships, we have built with HMRC and other dedicated experts in their fields.

This affords us the ability to help those who are struggling in a variety of ways, to help ease the stress and help those struggling trade through difficult times.

We know exactly how HMRC can be, how they can prey on peoples panic and stress, especially if you do not understand your options or what HMRC can or cannot legally do, and at what stage they can take action.

We are all here to support you, to listen, to help guide and advise you. We will help you throughout the entire process of securing an affordable payment plan, alongside providing any additional support you may need to build a brighter future.

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