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Natasha Parrott


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I believe in order to help and support directors experiencing Company Money Worries, its takes someone who has been in the trenches of starting, building and growing a business.

Having run and continue to run several businesses, I know all too well the stresses and strains businesses can experience; from cash flow constraints, business and process management to feeling like your business has hit a stagnant point; I have experienced them all.

My 13 years in the debt counselling industry has humbled me, gaining experiences, giving me a lifetime of knowledge in both consumer and corporate debt; it has taught me how to create a life-changing service to those in need.

With a mixture of my time in the debt industry combined with extensive business knowledge and experience, together we can achieve the best and right outcome for your business.

As a business leader and director, I believe in ‘staying in touch’ with my businesses, allowing continued growth and business experience. My every second thought is about how I and we, as a team, can do better, how as a team, we can improve the experience and journey our clients go on when seeking company help.

My downtime is spent enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with my wonderful family and friends.

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