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Gareth Millward


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The last 20+ years has seen me involved in a host of internet related businesses based in Spain and here in the UK.

I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing people throughout my career, some of which continue to positively influence the way in which I create great platforms for businesses today.

In 2010 I moved back to the UK to start a new adventure, creating my own marketing company; G Force Media Services. My passion to create and build a safe place for businesses to place their marketing budget in, was and continues to be at the fore front of our organisation.

The prospect of creating open, honest and transparent platforms for our clients seeking help with their money worries, provides me with a different sense of passion and satisfaction.

In 2018, the services of Company Money Worries were launched.

It is undoubtably the passion and commitment of our incredible teams that makes my role as Marketing Director all the more worthwhile and a pleasure to be part of these amazing businesses.

“I believe in creating safe platforms for consumers and businesses to access the help and support needed” – Gareth Millward – I.T Director

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