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Natasha Parrott

National Director

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I had played many roles in my career, from stacking shelves in Marks & Spencer’s when I was seventeen to become a Personal Finance Manager and everything in between. I have to say, building Company & Consumer Monies Worries is my biggest and proudest achievement to date.

These incredible businesses have been created to help, guide, and support those in need and seek help.

I understand what it takes to keep the doors open when the going gets tough. I know its mental and physical impact when you feel like your professional and personal life is dictated and controlled by debt.

The 13 years in the debt counselling industry has treated me well. My experience has given me a lifetime of knowledge in both consumer and corporate debt; it has also taught me how to create a life-changing service to those in need.

I believe in showing compassion, kindness, and sharing knowledge; with a mixture of these 3 traits, the world will be a better place.

I constantly strive to be a better person and to have a positive impact on those I come into contact with. My every second thought is about how I and we can do better, how as a team, we can improve the experience and journey our clients go on when seeking help from us.

Ensuring that every client feels like the most important person in the world, is the craft I aim to perfect.

My downtime is spent enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with my wonderful family and friends.

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